Drain Cleaning Contractor in Santa Fe Springs, CA

Have you had enough of unclogging drains and scrubbing toilets? Don’t hesitate to call Drain & Sewer Pro LLC. Both commercial and residential customers have nothing but praise for our drain cleaning contractor in Santa Fe Springs, CA. We have the trained experts and modern equipment to fix any drainage problem quickly and efficiently.

In Santa Fe Springs, CA, no one does a better job of drain cleaning than Drain and Sewer Pro LLC. Our trained experts can swiftly and efficiently repair any drain problem you’re experiencing with the use of modern equipment.

Unclogging drains in bathtubs, sinks, and commodes is one of our specialties. We use non-destructive methods like hydro jetting to clear out your pipes and prevent any further damage.

In addition we also perform Sewer Line Repair, Clogged Drain Repair, Hydro Jetting, Sewer Line Camera Inspection and Rooter Service in Santa Fe Springs, CA. If you’re having trouble with your drains or sewers in Santa Fe Springs, California, give Drain and Sewer Pro LLC a call.


With numerous options available, selecting a drain cleaning service can be challenging. Because of this, you should hire a reputable business like Drain and Sewer Pro LLC.

For starters, we’ve been around for a while and know what we’re doing. Our staff has seen just about every sewage and drain problem there is and is prepared to tackle anything that comes our way.

Second, Drain and Sewer Pro LLC uses cutting-edge technology that permits speedy identification of the source of your plumbing problems. Using this technology, we can give you answers that are specific to your situation.

Thirdly, customer satisfaction is their top priority. We really go above and beyond by providing free emergency services around the clock. From the first phone conversation to the last walkthrough, our warm and welcoming staff puts customers at ease. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your drain cleaning needs.

Why Choose Us

We guarantee that your problem will be out the door in a matter of 40 minutes based on the problem that needs to be solved