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drain cleaning services, is a high search service, the reason is, because as humans we think that the drain is designed to throw all kinds of waste, however this waste sticks and gets stuck in the drain pipe.

Perhaps you imagine, the interior of a pipe as a long hollow and smooth tube, however there are pipes that may have a type of dilution whose job is not to allow heavy matter to pass through the pipe.

Every day we bathe, use the bathroom, do dishes, etc. Everything that goes through your drain ends up in a much larger and thicker drain, approximately 45 centimeters in diameter and 10,237 kilometers long.

Where the drain water ends?

The process of waste from the drainage is divided into several parts, one of them is the processing of water, (sewage) these waters are filtered in special machines, for the use of this water in irrigation seedlings, to soak the grass of parks, but it is not water that can be consumed directly by humans.

Do drains need to be cleaned?

Drains need to be cleaned for several reasons, one of them the accumulation of water, these waters by not following their path are like a garbage drum that you fill and leave what you put in it before, all the waste of Foods as mentioned above, are the cause of a drain to clog, also the drains suffer from algae which covers much of the layer of a clean drain.

should i hire a plumber to unclog my drain?

It is always a good idea to hire a professional to do the work, however you can do the work yourself. For minor pipe problems, it is possible that with a plumbing snake you can solve the problem, however many times this is not enough and you need a professional tool. In the same way, you can do everything possible for your mars to solve the problem of clogged drainage due to hair in the shower.

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machine auger

For tougher clogs deep in the pipes, you will need a machine auger, which runs from $250 all the way up to $3,250 for the professional models. This innovative plumbing tool uses up to 100 feet of wire cable to clear blockages. The purchase price of this specialty machinery tends to exceed the cost of hiring a pro, but you can lower your DIY expenses by renting the equipment instead.